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December 16, 2009

Another 'Extreme' Home Faces Foreclosure


By Dawn Wotapka

Yet another "Extreme Makeover" recipient is in trouble, this one in Encinitas, Calif. Brian Wofford, a widowed father of eight, faces foreclosure five years after his home was transformed for the popular television show, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

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Wells Fargo Paying Back TARP; HAMP Resources; ARM Index Websites; HUD & Form 1004D

by Rob Chrisman

Wells Fargo joined the other large banks in announcing plans to pay back our TARP money. Banks are complaining that they can't attract top talent with their compensation structures capped. This is good news, since Wells called me the other day to offer me a high paying job (they said I could spel good) but I turned them down since their pay was capped. Who needs that?

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newHomebuilder sentiment index dips in December
by Alex Veiga, AP Real Estate Writer

Even a holiday gift from Uncle Sam couldn't brighten the homebuilders' outlook in December.
The National Association of Home Builders said Tuesday its housing market index fell by one point to 16 this month, reflecting concern that job losses and a slow economic recovery will continue to stifle demand for new homes despite the extension of a federal tax credit for buyers.

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Real Estate Outlook: Housing Warmer Than Weather
Kenneth R. Harney

If new applications to buy homes are any gauge, the U.S. housing market is warming up, and that's despite the fact that we're now into the traditionally quiet holiday season.
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